Digital Space is Mental and Physical Space and Physical Space In One.

Digital space is the mental and physical construct that is supported by the allocation of attention through the digitization of visual images into intelligently organized bits of information stored in memory that subsequently enables the ‘value exchange of knowledge’ and between ‘specific individuals’ who connect through extension and interface with each other using digital communications technology within the electrical environment and sphere of influence occupying a ‘mental and physical construct’ termed Digital Space.

Digital communications technology is an extension of the faculties of the human being and our ability to communicate. Somewhere I read that a sufficient technology is likened to magic, where the ground disappears and the effects are revealed. Such as telecommunications and the internet that allows us to communicate over vast distances in the flash of an eye.

If this is a new concept to you then it may be worth studying up in the fields of 'media ecology' and environment as medium to understand the subtle and blatant forces that exert external pressures on the thoughts, feelings and behavior of users. The effects of digital technology as an extension of the electric body needs mention because the mission of this website is to put the "digital" understanding into a meaningful relationship with present life, actions, words and behaviors; and through this awareness create a model for the digital interface that fosters profitable relationships using digital communications technology. 

Digital media technology is used in our context as communications technology extending the electric environment within which we interact with the form, content and process it requires and imposes. Our goal in understanding the relationship between people, process and technology is a matter of understanding the functional spheres of influence and the critical areas relating to humans and machines when mediating communications between individual people as users of the medium.